0 Pirl showing in wallet


Hello everyone,

I read around on the forum here first in order to not double post on the same topic.
Anyways without luck i have come now with a maybe dumb question. Please note this is my second day as a miner! ^^

I’ve been mining for the last day on a single GPU(my gaming pc running at about 24-28mh)
Although it does not create a whole lot of PIRL i was hoping to see results by the end of the first day.

My problem is that after mining for about 24 hours i still see 0 in my pirl wallet that i open using the keystore file.
I’ve changed the wallet address in the Start Miner Pirl bat file to my pirl wallet address, just like the youtube guide said. On Pirl Mining Pool it says this: Pending Balance: 0.83163304

Shouldnt that show up in my wallet at some point? And if i may ask, how long does this take?
Again sorry in advance if these questions are already answered, im new and just want to learn as much as i can.

Have a good day,



I will take for example, minerpool.net (if you are mining there). As I remember it, it would transfer to your wallet once you reach 2 Pirl. This could be different now, so best to check the website of the pool you are using to see what their minimum transfer is. Usually, even after reaching this minimum, it does not happen automatically, it still could take a day.

I hope that helps!


First off … No such thing as a dumb Q.

To your Q: Depends which pool you’re using. They all have their minimum payout settings. Go to the pools site and check their payout tab. You should be able to find what you’re looking for there. Also, if you only have 1 GPU … Try the small pools. You might get better results there … Including more personal assistance from the pool owner(s).