Adding PIRL to my ether wallet


I understand I can see my wallet balance in but I’d like to add it in MEW. Could anyone advise on address & decimals of this token please?

Many thanks


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@phoenix1331 @ryanw You can use MEW.
Add Custom Node. Point to
Here you go.



@chrisno Many thanks, works perfect.


Sorry, I am new and have a couple questions about this as well:

Can you also add the PIRL token to MEW once connected to the custom node?
Can you utilize the Ledger Nano S features of MEW with this token?

Appreciate the clarification


@kkniffin Pirl is not a token. If you change the configuration of MEW to a custom node, you would treat Pirl as you would Ethereum.


I used the suggestions above to send some pirl to my ledger nano using Mew. However when I try to send out pirl using mew I get an error message saying “invalid sender”. Fortunately this was only a test so its a small amount but anyone know how to send pirl out of my ledger using MEW?