How do i turn Pirl into real money ? or atleast BTC


I just mined some pirls and was wondering how to turn them into BTC or USD… the easy way ofcourse.

I dont want to waste too much time trying to sell pirl… i never use stock exchange system and have no experience with market xchange either

(coming from nh) where everything is automatic…

so how do i turn pirl into real cash the quick and easy way ?


***“You need an exchange website in your Country.” (e.g BTC to Turkish Lira exchange websites for me :slight_smile: ) if you have, read below;

First, you must say that where you store your PIRL coins.
Than, you must transfer your PIRL coins to an exchange website’s PIRL wallet. for example :
Create an account at and create a PIRL wallet. and transfer your coins to that wallet. than convert your PIRL coins to BTC and now you have BTC.

“You need an exchange website in your Country.” send your BTC to your BTC exchange website in your country, than exchange your BTC to your country money.


Hi Cetindogu
I am new to the Forum.
I have been using .
Today try to transfer Pirl to cryptopia but got an failure message -not funds available for gas fee-
There was 150 PIRL and I eneterd 150. so I reduced to 145 and try again. Same result.
I reduced to 140 but same result.
When I looked at avaiable funds I saw it was 0.
There is no History on the wallet for my transaction and funds did not show in my cryptopia account yet.
Now7 hours.
Help function just show gone fishing.
Hopefully not with my PIRL Coins.
Any idea what to do?


Dont worry, you probably, did not choose your Main Account,
Before sending transaction, check and choose your wallet account. (check wallet id and Balance)
And there is a fee slider, set it to FAST written side.