Nautilus Wallet for Mac Password Problem


Dear Community, I recently started mining PIRL about a month ago, I’m almost certain that when I did the set up of my Nautilus Wallet app in my computer I never got any backup codes or file, I also don’t remember entering a password, but if I did I can’t find them anywhere.

I usually store all those documents on a USB and there is nothing there. It’s not much but I have 410 PIRL in it and I would hate to loose them.

I have been trying for more than an hours typing every possible password and writing it down on a note so I know which passwords I’ve entered and still nothing.

Is there any way I can get my password re-set or re-sent to me?

I’m willing to pay to get this fixed. Please Help!


Sorry my friend, but you had to have chosen a password when you set it up. We don’t have any passwords backed up, or anything like that. It’s all up to the users.

I can only just suggest keep trying :frowning: