Pirl Wallet (password wallet)


I can not conduct a transaction because the wallet is asking for a password. I do not remember the password because I go into wallets automatically. How do I recover my password and when I install it?
Thank you.


if you dont hava any balance in your wallet, forget it. if you hava money on your wallet, i think you really need to remember your password, try your old passwords :frowning:


I tried all my passwords that I use. No one is right. Is there an option to remind or reset your password on the email?


i got it, please ask from discord platform. ask to “chrisno”


please give me a link



i have this problem right now. since i last login and transferr fund was nov. pls help


ok got my password back, been entering all password for almost an hour… lol.


I have the same problem. Impossible to recover my password. I tried all my passwords. Nothing is working.
Some help please…


I also have the same problem… I tried Discord but I don’t have permission to type anything, please help


You can ask in the #general channel to be verified :slight_smile: