The Pirl Report - Issue #6



Welcome to the Pirl Report, a bi-weekly (give or take) newsletter intended to keep the Pirl community up to speed on the goings on within the Pirl ecosystem. If you have anything that you think should be added to the next report, contact @ryanw

Market At A Glance
Price - $0.33USD / 4400 Sats
Coin Supply - 18,493,930
Market Cap - $6,104,269 USD
Daily Volume - $37,005 USD / 4.93 BTC

Network At A Glance
Block Number - 1510951
Net Difficulty - 6.507 T
Total Masternodes - 393
Coins Locked In Masternodes - 7,860,000
Value of Locked Coins - $2,466,468 USD


Team Growth
In the past couple weeks, the Pirl team has been expanding. We would like to welcome the new team members Is, M4X, and CableGod. These three new developers have been working on bringing the newest additions to the Pirl network.

Masternode Update Stragglers
Really, I hope there isn’t anyone out there that hasn’t updated yet, but just in case, you haven’t been getting masternode rewards for over a month if you haven’t updated your node!


Be Careful Of SCAMS!
Although we’ve said this numerous times, and posted it everyone, I want to repeat it here in the report. There are fake accounts on twitter asking users to send coins to them for a promise of more in return. The Pirl team will never ask users to send coins to them. Also, be very careful of OTC trades on discord as there are some very sneaky people that will trick you into thinking you are using a Pirl team member as trade partner or escrow…be extremely sure of who you are dealing with!!

@masterdubs has been diligently working on PirlPay, a service that will be integral for tying together almost every aspect of the Poseidon platform. He is looking for beta testers, so if you are interested and also have an online store, please fill out this form to be one of the select few to help bring this service to the world

Main Website Testing
A preview of the new homepage has snuck out into the wild. For those interested in seeing it, ask around on Discord and you might find what you’re looking for. We’re also looking for any bugs and feedback

In The Works

After @Pistol shared her (valid) opinion on the current color scheme of EZ-Miner, @0x1337 has decided to “decided to take a pro for the color pallette”. Also of note, @0x1337 also mentioned he will be putting together a manual this week that will be released with the new software overhaul.

Has anyone been watching the #dev-diary channel on the discord server? Is has been working hard on something for quite some time now…It might be interesting for you to go and scroll back through the updates there if you haven’t already. There are also some tidbits of information sprinkled back in the discord logs…

@chrisno is always tweaking and updating everyone’s favorite desktop client, Nautilus. Expect some small tweaks to the wallet to be heading your way soon.

Questions and Suggestions
We have been collecting a lot of suggestions and questions from the community over the past several weeks. In the next report, we will have answers and responses to the first group of these. We really appreciate the comments, questions, and suggestions you all have contributed, and we’re wanting more, so let us know in the #suggestions channel.

Community Notes

QA Session
This is kind of old news, but Panama Crypto has released a Pirl QA over on a medium article. Good overview of the team and its goals. Check it out here -

By request, this channel was created to help the community organize marketing efforts for Pirl. @CryptoCasca and @PirlPrimate have been starting a grassroots marketing effort on twitter. If you want to join in or have some ideas to share, don’t be shy!

We are all very motivated and excited by the commitment we have seen from a lot of the community lately. It does take a lot more than just the team itself to make Pirl great. Thank you, the Pirl community for your continued support and enthusiasm. While there are a lot of publicized things that the Pirl team is working on, there are also a couple things that are being kept behind the curtains that I am lucky to have gotten a peak at. The coming months will be an exciting ride for us all!