The Pirl Report - Issue #7


Welcome to the Pirl Report, a bi-weekly (give or take) newsletter intended to keep the Pirl community up to speed on the goings on within the Pirl ecosystem. If you have anything that you think should be added to the next report, contact @ryanw

Market At A Glance
Price - $0.32USD / 4777 Sats
Coin Supply - 19,559,642
Market Cap - $6,283,377 USD
Daily Volume - $45,634 USD / 6.79 BTC

Network At A Glance
Block Number - 1,598,015
Net Difficulty - 7.654 T
Total Masternodes - 414
Coins Locked In Masternodes - 8,280,000
Value of Locked Coins - $2,665,332 USD


Team Growth
A new team member @kooz has joined the Pirl team starting on a probationary period. He will be responsible for Japanese translations and creating a presence for Pirl in the Japanese community. Welcome!


Be Careful Of SCAMS!
Although we’ve said this numerous times, and posted it everyone, I want to repeat it here in the report. There are fake accounts on twitter asking users to send coins to them for a promise of more in return. The Pirl team will never ask users to send coins to them. Also, be very careful of OTC trades on discord as there are some very sneaky people that will trick you into thinking you are using a Pirl team member as trade partner or escrow…be extremely sure of who you are dealing with!!

Main Website Re-Launch!
The project homepage has been re-launched with a new design and a new mission of providing more information to the public on all topics related to Pirl. @M4X, @Fawkes, and everyone else have done a superb job!

Service Masternodes Blog
@Fawkes has written up a nice explanation of the importance of the upcoming Pirl Masternode network. Get the digs on the backbone of the Pirl platform in this blog post -

In The Works

Poseidon PowerUP
@masterdubs has made it known that a complete revision of Poseidon is in the works!

PirlPay Alpha
@CHRlS just recently let everyone know that work on PirlPay is progressing nicely, and that shop plugin is now ready to be alpha tested within the next week!

Pirl becoming a registered company? Whitepaper release? Surprise beta releases? When? When??? Stay tuned…

Two MILLION Blocks
I’d also like to remind everyone that changes in the block reward are coming at height 2,000,000 which is around the beginning of August. Total block reward will be going down to 10 Pirl, with miners getting a decrease to 6 (from 10), masternodes getting an increase to 3 (from 1), and the development distribution staying the same (1). Get full details here -

Community Notes

There is currently a meme contest being held on the Pirl discord by user @PrimateCrypto . Go to channel #meme-contest and check the pins for full details. The contest will run until two days after the Pirl whitepaper release (TBA).

Pirl Gear
Interested in some merchandise branded with the Pirl logo? There is currently a community-ran pledge drive for people to be able to order some Pirl swag. Check out this form for more details -

@masterdubs and @PirlOfficial on Twitter are joniing forces and giving away 1,000 Pirl to one lucky winner. Contest ends 6/25! Check out this tweet for more information -

Charity Tournament
Pirl and StackUP will be holding a PUBG charity tournament this month on the 30th at NOON PST! Some pretty hefty Pirl prizes are available, go here to sign up - FREE TO ENTER - DO IT!!!


We’re seeing a lot of commotion behind the curtains around here. Hints and Soon™s are being seen more and more frequently from the Pirl team as the community awaits the next big releases from the developers. The community itself has mobilized and activity on Twitter and Discord is growing every day. Notably, the price of Pirl held its ground and even grabbed some gains vs BTC after the latest big market dump. The coming weeks will surely be exciting for all of us, so stay informed!

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